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The TurnTable Constraint simply rotates an object about the up axis at the given speed. This is ideal for making 3D icons or HUDs.

You may be wondering why we bothered to package such a simple behavior. We did so because this inherits the constraints framework as is extremely robust and optimized. To start and stop this, simply enable or disable the script or the GameObject. it will automatically start back up from where it stopped when re-enabled. We can also add more features later without the need to alter any other scripts. For example, we could add the ability to use a different axis as the 'up' axis and it would  be optional to anyone using this at this point.

How fast to turn

Random Start
Will select a random rotation to start from. If you have a bunch of rotating objects that are all instanced at the same time, they will turn in sync. Turning this ON will make the result more organic so they don't all turn at the same time.